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NOVENA MRI DIAGNOSTICS is the first centre in South East Asia that utilises the new G-Scan Brio weight-bearing MRI scanner. Most people experience pain and other symptoms while they are standing and the weight of the body compresses anatomic structures or apply stress to ligaments and tendons that control motion or maintain normal position of anatomic structures. The weight-bearing MRI allows study of all joints as well as the spine, either in a lying down or in an standing or sitting position (whichever their position of pain). This is because the magnet as well as the patient can rotate from 0 to 90 degrees.
This is in fact one of the most recent advances in the field of MR imaging, called stress MRI or weight-bearing MRI. A stress MRI takes place in positions or when the spine or a joint is under a load or stress. This technique emerged in recognition of the fact that pain typically arises and affects joints during loaded positions or in positions dependent upon stress conditions. Several scientific studies have confirmed that lying down and unloaded positions are not representative of standing or loaded positions. Therefore, evaluating a patient in the lying down position alone may sometimes result in imaging information which may not be clinically relevant or helpful to your treatment.
Weight-bearing MRI techniques have been demonstrated to have strong accuracy and repeatability, and have also led to an increased amount of knowledge regarding the physiology and biomechanics of important tissues within the spine and joints.
Another group of patients which may benefit from using the G-scan Brio are patients who are fearful of closed spaces or claustrophobic patients. The open scanner allows detailed imaging of such patients which would not have been possible with conventional “tunnel” MRI scanners.

The weight-bearing scans are often compared with the lying-down scans done on conventional but highly reliable GE 1.5T MRI scanner. This will allow the problem areas to show up and allow for a more accurate diagnosis to be made. These comparative scans are done in the same day and at the same setting.

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